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As infrastructure demands and requirements grow at a pace that is faster than that of the return, companies require creative financial solutions to continue to grow within a structure that may not allow it.  At AldenGroup, based in Long Island, New York, we have 17 years of experience working with public, municipal, private, heavy industrial and commercial clients and know how to BUILD a project from the paper-ground up, utilizing minimal or maximum resources; and produce a facility that can PRODUCE or SERVE its' intended function. 

 AldenGroup will provide all construction management, administration and consulting needs in the New York Metropolitan and National Marketplace. When it comes to your business you can depend on the level of service we provide, offering over 16 years of in-business experience, as well as over 25 years of professional, high-level project and construction management experience.

Heavy Industrial.Manufacturing&Production.Warehousing.Distribution.Retail

Public Parks & Service.Fire Service.Law Enforcement.Municipal Water&Waste

Roof Lifting.Commercial Office. Health/Fitness.Food Service.Entertainment

Museum.Sports & Entertainment.Big-Box Retail.Rail Transportation.


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