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Analyzing a Better Plan of Action

We can help improve upon your business' growth through budget analysis, constructive feasibility, and project planning and construction administration services. It is our goal at AldenGroup to increase efficiency and functionality with your building, or a new building, so your business can experience an improved series of results. Alden Group services the NY Metroplolitan and National marketplace for a proud number of private and municipal clients. 

Constructive Feasibility and Budget Analysis

Once real estate has been purchased, or you're considering a real-estate purchase; we will analyze your business intent and endeavor to maximize the property and strucutres you facilitate. Interviews and site inspections are conducted, as well as tours of your facility to gather critical information regarding your challenges, through which, we may help achieve your goals.  We will make industrial engineering recommendations to increase your company's efficiency as it relates to the buildings' growth. In addition, we analyze your short- and long-term goals, discovering what will work best within your economic requirements and/or constraints. 

Logistics and Project Planning

Through the examination of a business' function we are able to properly identify and implement a plan-of-action that will provide constant productivity and efficiency necessary DURING the construction process. As we get closer to the collective goal, we ensure that your business is still functioning, maintaining efficiency, and continuing to produce revenue. As the project may progress, we build around you so as to not disrupt your business. You remain functioning while the structure around you grows to meet the business' demand.

Budget Analysis