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Getting Value Out Of Your Buildings

When you determine the time is right to change, expand, or increase  buildings, we are ready to work with you to turn an otherwise unproductive building into something that can produce. Through municipal compliance, value engineering, and project coordination, we find value in buildings you may otherwise not have any plans for. At AldenGroup, it is our goal to make the most out of the building(s) that you DO have and the finances that you DON'T.

Client Shaking Hands with Project Manager

Municipal Compliance

As businesses out-grow existing buildings, and new facilities are constructed, the owner may now endeavor into the arena of Equitable Real-Estate (Holdings) Leasing. However, The new and prospective tenant(s) may have varied uses. The previous building may not have been zoned or allowed for the intended new use. AldenGroup has a strong knowledge of the processes, requirements and protocols required to bring an older and un-used portion, or all, of a building into municipal compliance; in order for that building to now be able to produce income for its' owner. 

Value Engineering and Project Coordination

 Value Engineering (VE) is paramount to any construction project that requires more than the budget allows. Alden Group engineers to utilize materials, systems, and finished items to achieve the highest level of productivity, all while managing the economic challenges of an intense budget. Parallel this, we also create the means, methods, and procedures necessary in the constructive process that best improves the growth of the focussed immediate area.